Meet the Team


Leanne is CentreBarks' Centre Manager and oversees the day-to-day running of the creche, as well as our accounts system.  She is trained in animal care and canine first aid.

Leanne loves to spend her time with animals, in addition to all the dogs at CentreBarks, and feels very lucky to call this her job.  The highlight for Leanne is seeing how happy the dogs are when they come to CentreBarks.  Her own pets are a blue merle Border Collie called Milo, five pygmy goats - Bramble, Willow, Poppy, Sky, and Lily who live very happily with the 4 brown hens.




Kayleigh is our Assistant Trainer and also attends to the needs of the dogs at creche each day, entertaining and playing games with them, and setting up the Scent & Search games etc.  She also assists Heather at the regular Functional Character workshops.

Kayleigh has had a boost in her confidence since working at CentreBarks and is proud to care for, and work with, so many happy pets.

Kayleigh has been around dogs for as long as she can remember and currently owns two dogs - Ruby, a Boxer and Buddy, a French Bulldog.  She also owns three guinea pigs and four cats.


Judith helps with the collections and deliveries of our canine students, driving the CentreBarks "Bark & Ride" bus wherever it needs to go each morning and evening.  

She helps keep order during all the games, and whilst individual training sessions are taking place.  Judith also attends to the needs of the dogs at creche each day, entertaining and playing games with them, and also gives out big hugs for those canine guests who like them.

Judith also helps to ensure controlled entry and exit for the creche dogs at the training room doorway, as all canine students get rather excited for their training sessions!  Currently, Judith does not own a dog as her cat won't allow it!  However, who knows what the future holds?



Heather has been a dog trainer for nearly 4 decades and is one of the most advanced clicker trainers in the UK.  She is also a Registered Animal Trainer with the Animal Behaviour Training Council, a Full Member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, a Master Trainer Member of the Guild of Dog Trainers, a Reiki Master, and a Recognised Assistance Dog Trainer for Dog AID.  Heather is qualified in canine first-aid.

Heather's wealth of knowledge on dog behaviour and training is hugely beneficial and used to great advantage in both CentreBarks Doggie Daycare and weekly training classes.  She specialises in dog aggression, and uses her knowledge of canine Functional Characters to help dog owners to better understand the communications between dogs.

Currently, Heather owns 3 rescue crossbreeds - KD, Wizzi, and Ava.