Centre Barks

established 2016

Welcome to CentreBarks

Daycare, Socialising, Adventures, Training & Grooming


CentreBarks offers plentiful, tailored socialising to suit every dog, plus active day care, basic life skills training, and onsite grooming.  Our in-depth knowledge of canine Functional Characters enables us to keep all our doggie clients feeling as safe and relaxed as possible during their visits.

With season tickets and fees from as little as £2.30 per hour, and flexible drop-off and collection times to suit your busy schedule, why not give us a ring today.

Plentiful Socialising is hugely beneficial to all canines, and at CentreBarks this is fully supervised by staff trained in canine behaviour and Functional Characters.

Grooming at CentreBarks is with our lovely groomer Louise who specialises in nervous dogs - please ring her direct on 07957 637420 to make a booking.

Mental stimulation includes activity boxes, scent and search games, interactive search toys, individual play, group and individual training, and much more.

Physical exercise both indoors and out is plentiful, and all under the supervision of our qualified staff.

Training as a group aids pack harmony and builds confidence, and individual training teaches basic life skills.

Canine Adventure Days include forest walks, trips to a secure field, and more.

Rest & Relax indoors or outdoors and as a group because "down time" is important to prevent over-stimulation.

Puppy Visits are ideal for those under the age of 20 weeks, building confidence and teaching canine etiquette.

Monthly "Season Tickets" now available for block bookings for Full and Half Days


Our garden area is fully fenced and for added security we have internal and external, 24-hour CCTV.  

We are fully insured with PBI, and licensed with Richmondshire District Council - Licence Number 18/00637/ANIBOA, and 5-star rated