Welcome to CentreBarks

Educational Doggie Day Care

CentreBarks is a doggie day care with a difference!  Based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, we offer educational, active day care for dogs of all ages, from the Yorkshire Moors to the Yorkshire Dales. So whether you’re on holiday or at work, want a full day or just a few hours, CentreBarks is the place your dog would choose.

Rather than being home alone or chewing holes in your kitchen floor, why not drop your dog off at CentreBarks?  We give all dogs plenty of mental stimulation during their visit here, whether that's short or long, and oodles of socialisation with other dogs.  All of which means that when they get home, they are ready to sleep!

Rest assured that your pet will have a great time whilst they are with us. We have a main crèche area for group games, free-play times, and socialising, a smaller crèche area for our more timid or smaller guests, a separate training room, and a totally secure garden for emptying and exercise, and for the paddling pool on hot days! For security, we have internal and external 24-hour CCTV, and a number of other safety features to safeguard your pet.

The training exercises we work on with our guests include settle on a mat, recall, and doorway manners.  Further mental stimulation is by way of scent and search games both indoors and in our garden area.  Physical exercise is plentiful during each visit, ensuring they are happily tired when you come to collect them!