Centre Barks

established 2016

Educational Doggie Daycare in North Yorkshire

CentreBarks offers adventures, socialising, and daycare for dogs of all ages and sizes, providing a safe and secure setting managed by fully trained staff and canine specialist, Heather Stevens. Alongside plenty of playtime, we incorporate basic training exercises to promote confidence and life skills, and some fun training for further mental stimulation into each visit to the creche. This unique approach helps your dog to develop its social skills and canine etiquette.

We are 5-star licensed by Richmondshire District Council and our licence allows us to have up to 30 dogs at any one time at CentreBarks.  All dogs are off-lead for their entire visit whilst inside our building and secure garden area. Our team of professional staff supervise interactions between individuals, co-ordinate the daily activities, and give the dogs loads of fuss and cuddles whilst they are with us.

Regular Rest & Relax sessions are part of each day to prevent over-excitement and to give the dogs some quiet bonding time. During their visit, all dogs have access to a secure outside garden area and fresh, filtered drinking water.



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What can I expect from my dog’s first visit?

Every dog needs to attend a suitability assessment prior to their first full visit to CentreBarks, which is to ensure they will be happy and relaxed in a large group of dogs.  It's rare for dogs not to pass their assessment, but it is a necessary part of the process to help them acclimatise.  During the assessment, your pet will meet one dog at a time until all the dogs are back together in one group, and they are monitored by our experienced staff for any signs of stress or anxiety. Read our socialising page for more information about the importance of socialising dogs of all ages or get in touch with our team for advice. We are always happy to help.

Do you provide a collection and drop off service?

Our Bark 'n' Ride dog bus provides a collection and delivery service for when your hours don't match ours. The dog bus has safety and security features, is air-conditioned, and provides individual travel safety cages complete with clean bedding and fresh water for up to 8 dogs. 

What activities do you provide during daycare sessions?

During your dog’s visit we make sure they have a balance of playtime and socialising alongside activity sessions to provide mental stimulation. Typical activities include scent and search, activity boxes, football, mat training and even paddling in the pools! Our creative approach to training means we can find an activity that challenges and excites your dog while they develop their skills. As well as plenty of energetic activities, we make sure there are rest periods where your dog can wind down in one of the cosy beds or on our comfy sofa. This quiet time is essential to your dog’s mental wellbeing and avoids overexcitement.

What are your opening times?

We are open from 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday. We are closed on Bank Holidays, and Christmas Day through to New Year's Day.

What are your session times and fees?

  • Initial Assessment         -  £10.00    (1 hour for pups under 20 weeks, and 2 hours for 21 weeks and over)
  • Full day at CentreBarks -  £29.50  (up to 10 hours - flexible drop-off and collect times)
  • Half day at CentreBarks -  £19.50  (up to 5 hours - any 5 hours in the day to suit you)
  • 4-hour Half Day -  £15.00
  • Visit by the hour -  £7.00
  • Collection & Delivery -  80p per mile from and to DL10 4TQ

Do you have any special offers? 

We offer monthly Season Tickets where you can save money by block booking sessions. Monthly Season Ticket dates need to be in one calendar month, pre-booked but can be changed if necessary, up to 24-hours prior to the booking date. 

How can I book my first session?

You can book an assessment session by calling 0789 176 1767 or emailing wag@centrebarksyorkshire.com. You will be asked to share basic information about your dog to help us prepare for their settling in session and we are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Grooming service available

We are delighted to be able to offer a first-class grooming service with a groomer who specialises in nervous dogs.  Please book direct with Louise on 0795 763 7420.