Centre Barks

established 2016

Socialising your dog & puppy

Socialising is for life, not just for puppyhood!


CentreBarks specialises in socialising for all dogs and puppies, and visits are tailored to suit the individual dog or puppy.  Puppies can play together in a separate area if required.  If our professional staff feel that a puppy is confident enough, they will be able to meet and greet with calm adult dogs.  Because our staff are fully conversant with canine Functional Characters, it is easy for them to select the right adult dogs to socialise with our puppy guests to give them the best experience possible during any interactions.





Socialising a dog should be done throughout its lifetime.  As people, we are meeting other people most of the time, and so it should be for our dogs.  CentreBarks can help you keep your dog happy in the company of other dogs, and will mentally stimulate your pet during its visit to our creche.  You can then collect a tired dog who will sleep well, dreaming of all the new friends they have made at CentreBarks.

Socialising reactive dogs

Our Behaviour Specialist is happy to help you with any socialising problems you may currently be experiencing with your dog. Problems can occur in dogs at any age, so if you need help, please contact our Behaviourist on 075555 06456 or email woof@beyondthebreed.co.uk