CentreBarks Educational Daycare

Dogs Playing Together In Pop Up Tent CentreBarks is an educational dog day-care centre that will care for, train, exercise, and mentally stimulate your dog whilst you are at work, out for the day, on holiday or shopping etc.

With a host of daily activities, plus nap time, CentreBarks has something to offer dogs of all ages and sizes. Opening times are:

  • 0800 to 1800 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year
  • Weekends by appointment only, excluding Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year
  • We have a Puppy Nursery, an Old Timers Snooze Room, and our main crèche area. All dogs will need to come for a half-day assessment prior to their first booking at CentreBarks, to ensure they will be happy, relaxed and comfortable whilst they are in our care.

With plenty of environmental enrichment, and games and training sessions during the day, our crèche offers all dogs plenty of mental stimulation, physical exercise and socialisation.

School starts at 0800 with plenty of socialising as all the pupils arrive. If the weather is fine, we will spend some time in our dog-safe garden meeting and greeting old friends and new.

From 1030 onwards there is much to do, from the activities listed below, although activity times differ each day in order to maintain pack calm and prevent over-excitement.

Games Training Environmental Enrichment
Hunt the Kong Go to Mat Ball Pit Searches
Sandpit Mining Relax & Settle Kong Wobblers
Twisting by the Pool Food Manners Mini Agility
Scent and Search Target with Nose Activity Boxes
101 Box Fun Free Play Origami

Dogs Cuddled Up Together SleepingNap times are important too, to nurture pack harmony and bonding.

We close at 1800 after a fun-packed day …. every day!

Home Boarding

Going on holiday?  No problem, we are also licensed for home boarding. Your pet will spend their day at CentreBarks and afterwards go home with our Behaviourist, living indoors with her and her own dogs.


Discounts are available for pre-paid block bookings and more than one dog belonging to the same owner.  Prices include all daily activities but exclude food and collection/delivery in the CentreBarks "Bark 'n' Ride" doggie bus.

  • Full day at CentreBarks  -  £16.50  (up to 10 hours)
  • Half day at CentreBarks  -  £10  (up to 5 hours)
  • Weekly rate - 5 consecutive full days (weekdays Mon-Fri only) - per dog £82.50  (£80 if pre-paid)**
  • Initial Assessment (2 hours)  -  £10
  • Home Boarding  -  £1 per hour per dog  (this includes all their day care and associated activities)

** Refunds are not given for days not attended

  • Daily full day rate for 2 dogs belonging to the same owner £30
  • Daily full day rate for 3 dogs belonging to the same owner £46

Please feel free to contact us to discuss other discount options

Collection and delivery service on the "Bark 'n' Ride" is available when your hours don’t match ours!  All journeys are from/to DL10 4TQ.  Mileage is charged at 50p per mile for the first 20 miles and 60p per mile thereafter.